28 12 2007

some recent computer problems are stoping me from being able to keep up with posting, but fear not, posting will be back to normal soon…


New Program writen By me

15 12 2007

hi,ive been thinking, insted of having to work out light year values, why cant you just type them into a computer then the computer give you the value in KM. Well, i have built that program, heres a look at the code:

 ‘C copyright 2007 GMaier, George Maier

Imports System.Windows.Forms Module

Module1 Sub Main()

Console.WriteLine(“Welcome to Lightspeed Calculator”)

Console.WriteLine(“<c> copyright 2007 George Maier”)

Do Dim light As String = ” 299792.459 “Dim test As String = “34234”

Console.Write(“Enter the lightyear value:”)

Dim cal As String = Console.ReadLine()

Dim answer As String = light * 60 * 60 * 24 * 365.25 * cal

Console.WriteLine(“Answer: “ & answer & “Km”) My.Computer.Clipboard.SetText(answer)

Console.WriteLine(“Answer has been copied to clipbord”) 


End Sub

End Module This code was written in Visual Basic and is a simple command line program, you can download the package by clicking here. This includes a setup file, when you run this the program will instal itself on your computer, it will be acsessable from the start menu. Please note, the code above is the atchual code for the program, there is no malware of any sort hidden in this program.  Also please unzip the whole package before instaling. Thanks.

Does Quantum physics provide means for a new type of super weapon

12 12 2007

Since the second world war atomic bombs have been produced due to scientific breakthroughs. These weapon’s are extremely powerful and dangerous, but does quantum physics hold the power for a new more powerful weapon? I got a comment on this blog a day ago from someone talking about quantum weapon’s. He believes that the poeople in masses should get to decide what new scientific breakthroughs should be used for, im intrested to know what you think?

David Sereda’s Quantum Physics Of UFO Travel

11 12 2007

I know the first video starts of a little strange, but when it gets into the physics it becomes intresting, and a great way to travel faster than the speed of light. Remember this is just a theory, nothing proved. I look forward to your views on these videos, or any comments you mite have, but for now, im going to let you get on with the second video.

Getting rid of gravity!

10 12 2007

Some physicists believe that gravity is a bend in space time, and we just feel its effect as what we know as gravity, some physicists then go on to believe that we can create a object that can cancel out the effects of gravity. Alot of physosists however dissagree and think that it inpossible, i would like to know what you think…

Just a few thoughts….

9 12 2007

Ive been writing a new theory about space time that i will publish on my blog, it is basically to do with the fact that Time and energy are connected in allot of ways, and that they couldn’t exist without each other, basically due to the fact that It takes Time for energy to act, and if time existed with no energy then nothing would happen so there would be no reason for time to exist. Let me know what you think about this, i look forward to your feedback.

Understanding the theory of relitivity

8 12 2007

The theory of relativity is quite important to understand, as it will help you make sense of other things written about on this blog, i hope the video above makes it simple for you, please let me know, also, thanks to the makers of the above video.