28 12 2007

some recent computer problems are stoping me from being able to keep up with posting, but fear not, posting will be back to normal soon…




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23 08 2008


The best way to really appreciate quantum physics is to do some. I think that as hard as it may appear, it is still infinitely rewarding to start to understand it. I know it is a long and very very hard way to go. But spending time in being wrong just because we didn’t make the effort to learn it leads nowhere. I mean, that quantum mechanics is certainly the most beautifull theory ever invented by man, not only because it is so far from our common experience but also because it feels like Nature is speaking through it.

So don’t lose time with videos such as the one posted before, that really make no sense. There is a much more beautifull world for you to uncover : the one that professional physicists know. Because having a true scientific knowledge is hard but also so much beyond everything you can imagine without it.

I would like to make you discover this world. It is just a matter of will…

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